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Delito de Opinião

À atenção do PCP

Sérgio de Almeida Correia, 27.10.21

"Because factories cannot work without electricity, unlike retailers in Yiwu who can put up without air-conditioning, factory jobs are being cut

In Yuhuan, a county-level city also in southeastern Zhejiang province, factories have reduced production to two or three days a week, but many employees are working 15-hour days to deal with the backlog of orders.

Barely able to pay his mortgage, he and other workers have started looking for new jobs.

For many small businesses in Zhejiang province, the power crisis is adding to a string of existing cost pressures that have buffeted China’s manufacturing sector since the pandemic began."

Ao ler a peça que acima transcrevo não podia deixar de me lembrar das exigências de Jerónimo de Sousa e dos seus camaradas do PCP para viabilizarem o Orçamento de Estado de 2021

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